Lucas Martínez Project
"Traces of Memory"

Lucas Martínez – Tenor sax 

Roger Santacana – Piano

Giuseppe Campisi – Bass

Lluís Naval – Drums

Traces of Memory is the safety box where I save my most precious emotions from the amnesia created by the pass of time. It’s a catalog of melodies that, by hearing and playing them, transports me to the moments in which I composed them, what I lived and felt. In the same way that revisiting a photo album fosters memories, Traces of Memory is my own sound album of experiences and memories.

For this album, four very independent and creative spirits come together in this quartet. During the last two years LM Project has developed a personal sound that reflects a mix of the differents musical backgrounds of the band members. Their music, repertoire mainly based in compositions by Lucas, is a half-way point between complexity, lyricism, free and interplay.

This project won the Incentive price at the Semifinals of Keep An Eye 2017, Finalist at the Keep An Eye 2018, Semifinalist at the Dutch Competition 2018, Finalist at the “Joventudes Musicals de España 2018”. They have been performing in Spain, The Netherlands and Italy.

In April of 2018 they released their first album; Lights & Shadows (Fresh Sound New Talent). At the beginning of 2020 they released the second album of the project “End of a Cycle” (Fresh Sound New Talent 2020). In October 2022 they recorded and released their 3rd album “Traces of Memory” (Seed Music 004)